Learn how to get out of debt!

Or indebtedness is a reality that many Brazilian. This is mainly due to the lack of financial education. But there are some attitudes that can change this reality and bring comfort to the economy.

In contrast, many thought, knowing how to get into debt does not mean just taking away the money. Even many people manage to remove the penitent debts and now, temporarily, you are new to paying, raising a snowball.

Or what indebtedness?

Or indebtedness happens by the sum of “accounts to pay” and the low financial availability to remove them lively, causing inadmissibility. But the thing is not necessarily linked to another. A person who has possible can be defaulting, ie pay you debits in day. In the default situation, people have debts and not pays in day.  This wanted to say that, either inadvertently and obligatorily, something that is endorsed, or more or more endorsed than something that is inadmissible.

No more than this by the Factor seemed relevant debt from the point of view, and something extremely necessary defaulting is one in relation to halved trading, for example. Imagine someone who has a renegotiation of life and money to pay a certain plot of land. A company that has made or agreed will tend not to make a new negotiation with the debtor and, at the same time, will hardly bring new agreements with lower interest rates and more “soft” plots.

This happens because there is a custodian for each contract and every time or devourer has not treated his word, I do not treat, the positive chances for the decrease of the fame of “bad payer” increases.

What problems or debt can cause?

After the write-offs on favorable conditions for payment of living, or physical feeder with a lower probability of obtaining some type of credit, which is common or not yours. In some cases, companies stop hiring because they see that certain weighs at high volume of livelihoods and are inadmissible.

As much as this practice is not seen with good olones, some businessmen apply this form of evaluation of agreement to a vague person, for example.

As well as being able to be bad also for other factors such as:

  • Development of financial anxiety;
  • Low yield at work;
  • Unhappiness with family.

How to know how to live?

Even to burn high values ​​in high values, and have the possibility of living with small daily attitudes. Through financial rehabilitation, it will be possible to establish a new economic capacity in the most sustainable life.

  1. Define or total value gives life;
  2. Tempt to renegotiate to live and fulfill or agreed upon. In that case, or agreement needs to be endorsed in order to see how smart the financial point of view is;
  3. Raise an emergency reserve;
  4. Control expenses;
  5. Switch to lively for a minor other (that pays less swears).

There are some small attitudes that can be added to know how to live. To receive more content on financial education, entrepreneurship and investments, go to our Newsletter!