Internet banks in Denmark – Compare online banks in Denmark

There are many good internet banks in Denmark, with each one offering. So who is the best? Who is the cheapest? The Wingfield family has looked at the market, the many opportunities and made a comparison of online banks in Denmark.

Get a good insight into who to choose depending on your situation and money needs. There are many Internet banks to choose from in the Danish market, so it is only positive that you can apply for free and without obligation. This makes it easier to identify the cheapest solution through several offers.

Compare online banks in Denmark


You should always compare online banks in Denmark before choosing to thank YES for a loan agreement. Partly before you apply at all and partly after you have received offers back where you can compare their OPP, interest rates and general terms.

To help you get started, we’ve selected 3 different providers to consider depending on your situation. Here are three great suggestions:

Bank Good Finance – for you who are missing a lot of money

Bank Good Finance is the provider where you can apply for the most money online, with a limit of DenmarkK 400,000. If you have a large need for money, then this is the place to choose. Especially because you just have to be 23 and have a permanent job, you have good opportunities for approval.

Good Credit Bank – for those of you who are only 18 years old

Good Credit Bank is a provider where you only have to be 18 to apply. Unlike many other Internet banks, this is an opportunity for students and other young Danes who are missing out on a little money.

E-Money – for those of you who want a small free loan

E-Money is an obvious provider if you have a small cash need of $ 3,000 or $ 4,000. They offer free loans for 30 days to their new customers. So if you need some short-term cash on the account, this is an affordable solution. Remember you must be able to pay the money back!

The selection is better and cheaper than long

For those of a certain age or who may have been trying to borrow money online many years ago, knowing the committee has almost never been better or cheaper. This is whether you are looking for smaller repayment loans for 30 days or larger consumer loans over 60 months. There is something for everyone, so you are less dependent on each player.

If you are rejected in one place, you will almost always have 2-4 other good options on hand where you can apply. This is one of many reasons why online banking has become a strong alternative to the country’s banks. Especially if used properly, because you should keep yourself from raising debt at a high interest rate.

The number of new Internet banks cannot be counted on one hand

Many new Internet banks have come up that they cannot be counted on one hand. New companies, concepts and white labels are constantly on the market, which contributes to a wide range of opportunities and greater competition between the loan companies. So basically it is only positive for you as a customer as long as you can look after the committee.

To show how much progress there has been, we will mention here a large number of the new online banks (loan companies) that have entered the Danish market in the past year:

This is just a supplement to all the existing players. Another positive thing about the new internet banks is that they are relatively different. This means some focus on quick loans, while others focus on consumer loans, some quite third on offering you special benefits as a customer. This means that not only is there a broader range of opportunities, but also a more nuanced range of online banks in Denmark.