Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Watch 4 delays: why you might not receive your order on time

After years of iteration, Samsung seems to have finally pulled off the foldable concept with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. It has also created a wearable device that rivals the Apple Watch Series 6 in the Galaxy Watch 4. And it looks like users Android had been keen on Samsung to get its cards properly, as unprecedented demand is causing delays for some orders.

According to 9to5Google, via the German site All About Samsung, users receive emails informing them that their pre-orders have been delayed. As of this writing, Tom’s Guide has not been made aware of any delays for US or UK buyers.

Citing “strong demand”, Samsung is pushing back orders from August 27 to mid-September. Considering the complexity of manufacturing the Z Fold 3 in particular, with its foldable display and complex hinge mechanism, compounded by the global shortage of chips, it’s no surprise that Samsung is experiencing manufacturing setbacks.

What’s surprising is the demand for Samsung’s new foldables. According to The herald of Korea, in South Korea, the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 are expected to reach 800,000 pre-orders before those devices officially go on sale on August 27. Demand in the United States is also high, with a representative from Samsung saying, “The order volume for the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 already exceeds total sales of Galaxy Z devices to date in 2021.”

The demand for the Galaxy Watch 4 is particularly surprising given how lukewarm Android Wear devices are compared to the Apple Watch. For years, Google had largely ignored its portable operating system, forcing Samsung to develop its own operating system for older devices like the Galaxy Watch 3. But earlier this year at the Google I / O 2021 event , CEO Sundar Pichai announced that a new version of Android Wear, titled Wear OS, will arrive and combine the best of Samsung’s Tizen.

Given the demand, it looks like Android fans have been waiting for the right Wear OS watch to buy.

On Wednesday August 25, Samsung and Verizon list all new orders for Galaxy Z Fold 3 as shipped by September 3. AT&T promises to deliver the foldable phone on August 31 or September 1. T-Mobile is releasing the widest and most recent delivery lineup, showing a shipping date between September 18 and October 8.

Tom’s Guide has contacted Samsung and will update this story with any information as to whether orders in other countries are experiencing delays.

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