Accessibility Credit: How Does This Special Credit Line Work?

Buying appliances to assist people with physical disabilities can be very expensive. With that in mind, the accessibility credit line was created.  

Assistance to low income people and low interest rates are the differentials of credit accessibility.  

What is credit accessibility? 

credit accessibility

Affordability credit is a microcredit line which charges low interest rates and is intended for purchase of various items that serves to assist persons with disabilities .It is important to be aware of its operation to use it with financial education .This credit is part of the “ Living Without Limit ”program. Under this project, the government has made available resources for people with physical disabilities to purchase these essential welfare items.

The program was created from the accessibility credit law, developed along with the National Plan for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and started in 2013. This credit was initially made available by Banco do Brasil, which, thanks to government subsidies, is able to finance These goods and services at low interest rates today.   

Who has access to accessibility credit?

credit loan

This credit is only available to people who have access to banks that provide this service, such as: 

  • Bestiest Bank
  • Corcom Bank
  • LifeSave Bank
  • Samaritan Bank

In addition, the bank only makes credit available to people who have a monthly income of up to 10 minimum wages and who have credit limits available. To hire the plan, you do not necessarily have to have any special needs. The financing may be contracted by another person, but it must be intended for the purchase of goods and services for disabled and / or elderly people.  

Also, some documents must be presented before the credit can be made available. 

  • Product invoice on behalf of the customer. The date of issue must be a maximum of 30 days; 
  • Complementary documents to demonstrate that credit is for accessibility projects; 
  • CNPJ card and social contract, for companies.  

What goods and services can be financed with this type of credit? 

The credit for the disabled and elderly with special needs can only be allocated to certain goods and services.  

  • Audition equipment; 
  • Motorized wheelchair; 
  • Alternative communication software; 
  • Elevators;  
  • Grab bars;  
  • Vehicle adaptation;  
  • Prostheses;
  • Access ramps; 
  • Accessibility architectural projects; 
  • There are several other goods and services that can be funded by credit accessibility.  

Credit Affordability Interest Rate 

Credit Affordability Interest Rate 

The financing provided by this credit may range from $ 70.00 to $ 30,000.00. Interest rates also vary. For people who receive up to 5 minimum wages per month, the rate charged is 0.41% per month, while for customers with monthly income between 5 and 10 minimum wages, the rate is 0.45% per month. 

The rate is very cheap compared to other forms of credit. Even the monthly savings income rate, for example, is similar to the interest rate charged for affordability credit.